Opticare Account Application Form

We now offer a quick and paperless option for applying for an account. All applications are subject for approval by our Directors.

Read the following reminders carefully before you proceed:

  1. After clicking the "PROCEED" button below, a new tab in your web browser will open and show a form where you need to input your complete name and email address. Make sure that you are authorised to sign and apply for an account on behalf of your practice.
  2. On the same form, you also need to assign a Guarantor and a Witness with their complete names and email addresses.
  3. Click "BEGIN SIGNING" then supply the needed information in the form. Sign and then click "FINISH".
  4. The Guarantor and Witness will receive an email that will request for them to review and sign the same form that you've accomplished.

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete our account application form, please refer to our Knowledge Base here.