The German designed Infinity lens allows the visual zones of the lens to be modified and individualised for the patient. This freedom allows the optician to develop a unique design that incorporates the patients lifestyle requirements.

Try adjusting the Distance(D), Intermediate(I) and Near(N) sliders in the Zone Selector to dynamically change the visual zones.

Upgrades available

Zone Selector
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Available Materials

Infinity is available on these lenses

Power Range
1.5 Clear, Transitions: Grey VII, Brown VII, Xtractive, Vantage
Nupolar: Grey 1, Grey 3, Brown, Green 5
-6.00/+5.00/-6.00 cyl
1.53 Trilogy: Transitions VII, Transitions Vantage -7.00/+6.00/-6.00 cyl
1.56 Clear, Hi-Vex -7.00/+6.00/-6.00 cyl
1.61 Clear, Transitions VII, Polarized -10.00/+9.00/-6.00 cyl
1.67 Clear, Transitions VII, Polarized Grey -12.00/+9.50/-6.00 cyl
1.74 Clear -15.00/+9.50/-6.00 cyl