ARMOUR hardcoat

Opticare's Armour Hardcoat gives lenses greater durability and protection against scratches and general wear and tear.
Armour Hardcoat combines the benefits of Skeye Multicoat (easy to clean, clearer vision, improved night vision and cosmetically enhancing) with a tough, scratch resistant, water repellent and anti fogging hardcoat.


Armour Hardcoat features a hydrophobic topcoat that repels substances such as oil and water from the surface of the lens. Acting as a shield, Armour Hardcoat forces droplets to bead and run off the lens, leaving it clean and clear.
Armour Hardcoat resists stains and fingerprints, so lenses will stay clear for longer and be much quicker and easier to clean.



Outstanding protection against scratches from everyday handling.

Armour Hardcoat provides exceptional protection against scratches and damage, designed especially to stand up to the rigours of everyday life.