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Skeye Multicoat combines outstanding anti-reflective performance with greater protection against dirt, scratches and moisture, delivering a combination of toughness, clarity and easy cleaning that is unequalled by any other anti-reflection lens coating.
Easy to Clean.
Skeye Multicoat uses the latest technology to produce an extremely hydrophobic and slippery surface which solves the age old problem of keeping your lenses clean.


Clearer Vision.
Skeye Multicoat increases light transmission by at least 7% giving the wearer crisper and clearer vision. This is achieved by reducing front, internal and back surface reflections. This allows almost all available light to pass through the lens and enter the eye for outstanding vision results.
Improved Night Vision.
Skeye Multicoat provides up to 99% light transmission to give the wearer better vision at night. This is a particular advantage when driving at night as glare from oncoming head lights is dramatically reduced.


Cosmetically Enhancing.
Skeye Multicoat improves the appearance of the wearer's eyeglasses by reducing reflections of light from the front and back surface of the lens, making them look thinner and more transparent.
Due to the reduction of reflection, Skeye Multicoat gives the wearer's lenses an "almost invisible" look so facial features can be seen more naturally, and the wearer can look their best in all lighting conditions.