Avoid Burnout as an Optometrist

Tue, 14-Mar-2023
Burnout in optometry & other areas of healthcare is closely related to feelings that you can’t provide the level of care that you desire. Read more here.

Digital Eyestrain in Kids

Wed, 8-Mar-2023
Optometrists are responsible for educating paediatric patients & their caregivers on the importance of taking steps to minimise the impact of digital eyestrain.

Managing the Anxious Patient

Fri, 24-Feb-2023
Here are some steps to ensure your patient feel more at ease during their eye test or visit at your clinic.

7 Steps to a More Proactive Approach to Contact Lenses

Tue, 21-Feb-2023
Most contact lens discussions with an optometrist lead to a sale. Here are seven considerations when it comes to a proactive approach to contact lenses.

Critical Soft Skills in Optometry

Mon, 20-Feb-2023
Well-developed soft skills can be the differentiating factor between a patient returning to your care for decades to come versus never showing their face again.

How to Encourage Patient Compliance

Mon, 30-Jan-2023
Some steps can be taken to reduce patient non-compliance. Find some tips from this blog, including how to persuade them to follow advice for their own benefit.

Managing Cancellations and No-Shows

Mon, 30-Jan-2023
These are some strategies to consider that may help minimise the impact of patients failing to turn up for their appointments.

Are You Ready to Manage Dry Eye Disease?

Mon, 30-Jan-2023
There are ways you can differentiate your practice from others with your dry eye management services. Learn more from this article.

Hints on How to Identify that Non-Adapter

Thu, 29-Dec-2022
Here are steps you can take to ensure you have as many satisfied spectacle wearers as possible. Check our latest blog now.

6 Tips on How to Maximise Your Medicare Billing

Thu, 29-Dec-2022
Here are some tips, including some referring to specific item numbers, to maximise your Medicare claims. Read this blog now.

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