Huvitz Kaizer HPE-8000

Premium edger with high-end digital technology and precision that guarantee faster speed and convenience with very easy-to-follow menu screens.

  • Precise milling function for PC, high index, and plastic lens (Glass optional)
  • Mini-beveling for extremely small bevel frames
  • Asymmetric, semi-U beveling for high curve goggle frames
  • Partial grooving, for premium design frames
  • Hybrid grooving to combine grooved and beveled area in one lens for extremely fashionable and trendy frames
  • Beveled and grooved area simulation function before processing to determine their exact positions
EZGrip Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers
EZGrip Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers

Huvitz Kaizer HAB-8000

Frame reading, lens centering and blocking are performed automatically by placing the lens. Maximise the efficiency by advanced digital and optical technology and user-friendly interface.

  • By simply placing the lens in the blocking center, the lens is displayed on screen by 1:1 ratio in real-time and size
  • Tracing and hole editing time can be saved dramatically by real-time simulated lens and hole detection function!
  • Traced frame data, FPD, frame diameter and other key changes are transmitted to the edger in real-time
  • Automatic lens type recognition: single vision, bi-focal, progressive, etc
  • Accurate reading of SPH, CYL, AXIS by integrated high performance lensmeter
  • No lens needs to be marked!

Huvitz Kaizer HDM-8000

The Kaizer HDM-8000 is an excellent time-saving solution to increase your optical business' profitability!

  • Significantly reduces the processing time by systematic data profiling algorithms
  • Safe Automatic Door Control by movement detection sensor. Door will never move down if your hands are in movement for lens loading and unloading
  • Removable waste collector drawer keeps the driller clean at all times
  • Take care of numerous tasks simultaneously by Smart job manager
  • You can process and cut your next lens while the drilling job is in process
EZGrip Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers
EZGrip Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers

Huvitz Kaizer HFR-8000

One of the best frame tracers with its dynamic speed and precision!

  • Precise scanning of all metal and plastic frames
  • Binocular and monocular tracing are both available to meet users' accuracy and efficiency needs
  • Accurate tracing of high-curve frames with unique HUVITZ mechatronic technology
  • Accurate scanning for concave shape, sharp edge, and narrow frame is very easy!
  • Keeping out dust will ensure durability and precision

Huvitz Kaizer HMB-8000

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, with its compact and robust structure: streamlined functionality and intuitive graphics and energy-saving integrated features.

  • Lifetime durability LED lamp
  • Easy to mark and block even with dark-tinted lenses by brightness control function
  • Automatic power off after confirming the marking points
  • Automatic power off and sleep mode after preset time
EZGrip Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers
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