The first-ever binocular dynamic exam

Eye Refract is a refraction system featuring a dual Aberrometer that uses unique and innovative technology to couple an automatic binocular refraction measurement with a simultaneous iterative lens adjustment.

The physiological refraction process is a binocular refraction that relies on Wavefront technology and is driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Eye Refract allows optometrists and ophthalmologists to optimise time spent with patients, improve the customer experience and develop their practice.

Key Features

Perfect visual acuity in less than 3 minutes

Eye Refract allows you to perform a precise and repeatable dynamic binocular refraction in less than 3 minutes compared to standard refraction, which takes 8 to 10 minutes. Less time for refraction, more time to interact with your patients.

More accurate prescription

Accurate and reliable prescriptions offer maximum comfort in less time to the patients. Reproducibility is more precise than traditional refraction. Reduce costly remakes due to the accuracy of results.

Time savings

Drastically reduces waiting time and improves ultimate efficiency for your practice. More time to interact with your patients: dedicate more time to other clinical diagnostics or talk to the patient about their vision concerns.

Wavefront Technology

Eye Refract uses wavefront technology which offers a measurement of the eye featuring a multitude of analysed points based on the wavefront. In contrast, traditional technologies measure a single point or just a few points only.

AI-powered physiological refraction

The Eye Refract system uses dual, Shack-Hartmann wavefront aberrometers, combined with a fully automated digital phoropter, to deliver highly accurate and reproducible refractions in less than 3 minutes. A staff member with limited training can conduct the tablet-driven process while still delivering consistent results.

More accurate prescription

Before Eye Refract: Subjective answers from the patient = Uncertainty of the results

After Eye Refract: Real-time lens adjustment based on the patients brain reaction

Delegation & Time Savings

Before Eye Refrac: Longer waiting times for patients

After Eye Refract: Drastic reduction of waiting time

Perfect Visual Acuity in less than 3 minutes

Before Eye Refract: The average time of a standard refraction is 8 to 10 minutes

After Eye Refract: Achieve binocular refraction in less than 3 minutes

Features and Benefits

  • Consistent, accurate results regardless of operator
  • AI-powered physiological refraction
  • Quick Pro algorithm
  • Dual Hartmann-Shack aberrometers
  • Wavefront autorefraction
  • Fully functional digital phoropter
  • Dynamic algorithm that calculates subjective bracketing
  • Continuous loop visual system response
  • Binocular open view platform
  • Auto focus, auto tracking
  • Comfortable patient friendly design
  • Full connectivity and data transfer
  • Distance and near vision measurement

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