MyOnic Myopia Management Lenses

The MyOnic Myopia Management Lenses corrects myopia at the fovea and more critically, simultaneously defocusing the peripheral hyperopia. Without this extra correction, the eye would have to continue to refocus to adapt to peripheral focal points. This unique feature helps reduce myopia progression by slowing down axial elongation of the eye.

The MyOnic Myopia Management Lenses allows peripheral light to focus on the corresponding retina without the need for accommodation creating clearer and more comfortable vision.

It is important to monitor the distance script every 3 or 6 months, depending on the progresssion. It is critical to check the axial length of the eye to assess the MyOnic Myopia Management Lenses effect on myopia progression.

MyOnic is Highly Recommended for

  • 4-16 year olds with myopia onset
  • 4-6 year olds to +0.75D with both parents myopic
  • For students who spend more than 2 hours of close activity
Market Segment Allowed Materials Precalibration Personalisation
Single Vision Freeform to manage myopia progression Refer to Availability Guide Yes Yes
Prism Ref Point Layout Ref Point Max Diameter Sphere Range Cylinder Range SV Zone Diameter Positive Defocus Zone
Geometric Centre Geometric Centre 80mm -20/++16 dpt -8/+8 dpt 10mm 10mm
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