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NuPolar® Polarised lenses are the world's most trusted Rx polarized len with proven quality, able to block glare and 100% of harmful UVA (315 - 380 nm) and UVB (280 - 315 nm) rays.

NuPolar® lenses perform better than competition in many crucial tests of polarizing efficiency, heat stability, film adhesion, color stability etc. NuPolar lenses are available in more colors, styles and materials to fit your life than any other Rx polarized lens.

Key Features

Now style-conscious patients can get the gradient they want with the polarization they need.

Block blinding glare

NuPolar Gradient lenses block the vision-restricting glare that reflects from horizontal surfaces such as the dashboard, pavement, water or snow.

No tinting required

NuPolar Gradient lenses have the gradient built in to the encapsulated polarizing filter. No tinting is required at the lab.

Consistent matching

NuPolar Gradient lenses are polarized, not tinted, so the right and left lenses will always match perfectly.

Faster turnaround

Because the lab does not have to gradient-tint the lenses, NuPolar Gradient sunwear may be completed and shipped more quickly.

No fading over time

The gradient in NuPolar Gradient lenses is encapsulated within the lens, not on the surface. This prevents the gradient from fading over time due to exposure.

Looks fabulous

Fashion-conscious patients love the look of a gradient lens! Now they can sport the style they want while enjoying the glare-blocking benefits of polarization!

Blocks Blinding Glare

NuPolar® acts like a "visual filter" for your eyes making every situation where the sun is present look clearer and richer by blocking blinding glare. Camera enthusiasts have known for years that a polarized filter makes their pictures look better... why not give the same benefits to your eyes through NuPolar® lenses?

The Art & Science of NuPolar®


Dark to light gray, Dark to light brown, Dark brown to light gray


Polarized prescription sunwear lenses that are darkest in the upper portion of the lens, and gradually become lighter in the bottom portion of the lens.

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