Specific and customised lenses for unique patient needs.

Over the years, we were able to diversify the range of lenses that we offer. We have different lens types for every requirement in terms of functionality, material, budget, and other prescription needs.


Lenses from our OptiPremium range are German Designed, back surface FreeForm progressive lenses made to suit the precise needs of every individual.


OptiDirect lenses are a cost-effective, mid-range solution for your patients. There is no compromise on quality, just less choice in lens designs.

These lenses are manufactured in Australia so we can provide fast efficient service that most other companies cannot match.

Myopia Management Lenses

Opticare offers a comprehensive line of lenses designed to correct and manage myopia in young patients.

These three premium lenses each have their unique approach to managing the progression of myopia whilst providing optimal vision, which is crucial for children's cognitive and physical development.

Are you looking for a specific lens product?

Our Account Managers are all ready to assist you if you need a custom-made lens or want to enquire about a different type. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Stock Lenses

Opticare has the widest range of quality stock lenses, available in 60mm, 65mm, 70mm and 75mm diameters. Opticare's premium stock lenses (1.61, 1.67 and 1.74 index) are all available in a aspheric design and with a super slippery hydrophobic multicoat.

Lenses Power Range Diameter
1.5 Clear Uncoated -6.00/+6.00/-3.00 cyl 65mm/70mm
1.5 Clear Hardcoat -6.00/+6.00/-2.00 cyl 60mm/65mm/70mm/75mm
1.5 Clear Multicoat -6.00/+6.00/-2.00 cyl 60mm/65mm/70mm
1.5 Transitions VI HC/MC -/+2.00/comb 4 cyl 65mm/70mm
1.5 Drivewear Plano HC 0.00 65mm
1.53 Trilogy HC/MC -4.00/+4.00/-2.00 cyl 65mm/70mm
1.56 Clear HC/MC -8.00/+8.00/-4.00 cyl 65mm/70mm
1.56 Hi-Vex HMC, Photo-Protean HC/MC -4.00/+4.00/-2.00 cyl 65mm/70mm
1.58 Polycarb HC/MC -4.00/+4.00/-2.00 cyl 65mm/70mm
1.58 Polycarb Transitions MC -8.00/+6.00/-2.00 cyl 65mm/70mm
1.61 Clear HMC -10.00/+6.00/-4.00 cyl 65mm/70mm
1.61 Transitions MC -8.00/+6.00/-2.00 cyl 65mm/70mm
1.67 HMC -10.00/+4.00/-2.00 cyl 65mm/70mm
1.74 HMC -10.00/-2.00 cyl 65mm/70mm

Younger Optics is one of the few lens manufacturers that has film manufacturing capabilities. This has allowed them to achieve unrivaled excellence in the areas of film placement, color stability, heat stability, and advanced film adhesion.


NuPolar® Polarised lenses are the world's most trusted Rx polarized len with proven quality, able to block glare and 100% of harmful UVA (315 - 380 nm) and UVB (280 - 315 nm) rays.

Transitions XTRActive

All day Transitions® XTRActive™ lenses adapt to help protect your eyes from fatigue and strain caused by UV light and bright glare outdoors, and even activate behind the windscreen.

Transitions Drivewear

DriveWear® Transitions® adaptive sun lenses combine superior photochromic technology that change in varying light conditions as well as specifically behind the windscreen of any vehicle.

Transitions Vantage

Transitions Vantage lenses are the first everyday lenses that are virtually clear indoors and polarise as they darken.

Special Materials

Our customers can choose from a wide variety of tried and tested quality materials that are sure to cover different lens requirements.

Blue Guardian

Constant exposure to blue light emitted from digital devices may cause long-term damage to your retina and impact your circadian rhythm.

Sunmatic II

Sunmatic II provides a photochromic lens that automatically adjusts to outdoor lighting conditions by providing the right level of tint and returning to their clear state. Both indoors and at night.

Sunmatic II Blue Guardian

A four-in-one solution that is highly recommended for heavy digital device users who are frequently active outdoors.


Litrex is a new technology lens material available exclusively through Opticare. Having a specific gravity of 1.25 and a refractive index of 1.58, Litrex is a super thin and lightweight material. These lenses are ideal for rimless and nylon jobs.

Slimlite Process

Slimlite involves a digital FreeForm technology process that minimises lens edge thickness on minus lenses by up to 70%.

Lens Coatings

Different coating technologies enable us to enhance the quality of our lenses, whether for added performance, durability, or additional features.

Skeye Multicoat

Skeye Multicoat combines outstanding anti-reflective performance with greater protection against dirt, scratches and moisture, delivering a combination of toughness, clarity and easy cleaning that is unequalled by any other anti-reflection lens coating.

Armour Hardcoat

Opticare's Armour Hardcoat gives lenses greater durability and protection against scratches and general wear and tear. Armour Hardcoat combines the benefits of Skeye Multicoat with a tough, scratch resistant, water repellent and anti fogging hardcoat.

Younger Optics
Blue Guardian