Sunmatic II Blue Guardian

Introducing the Sunmatic II Blue Guardian, a four-in-one solution that is highly recommended for heavy digital device users who are frequently active outdoors.

Indoors, the inactivated Sunmatic II Blue Guardian lens provides the ultimate digital device protection.

Outdoors, in addition to harmful device emissions, there are even more harmful UVA and UVB rays. This heightens the need for eye protection when using a digital device outdoors. The activated Sunmatic II Blue Guardian provides this solution by cutting out all UVA and UVB light and glare at the same time.


  • Shields harmful UVA/UVB light up to 420nm
  • Max light reduction of up to 85% in 25 seconds
  • 1.61 High Index
  • Super Hydrophobic Multicoat
  • Deactivation to 10% transmission in 3 minutes
  • Steel grey colour in activated state


The Sunmatic II Blue Guardian is available in 1.61 Single Vision Stock.


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