2Win-S & VisionSC


A must have for the modern Eyecare Professional

2Win-S Benefits

  • Operates in any light environment
  • Fully automatic
  • No dedicated operator or training required
  • No searching of patient distance, no focusing phases
  • Measurements are faster, top accuracy and repeatability
  • Measures sight anomalies, refractive errors and pupil parameters
  • Ideal for challenging patients like infants, impaired and non-cooperative individuals
  • 100% Wireless controlled by tablet via Bluetooth
  • High-capacity battery pack (many days of operations)
  • The internal 2Win easily removable for mobile operations

VisionSC Benefits

  • Wearable or with Brackets options available

  • More accurate patient response

  • Combines features of a trial frame and automated/manual phoropter

  • Increase interaction between operator and patient during refraction

  • 100% Wireless controlled by tablet via Bluetooth